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Hello there! My name is Elise and I am a modern documentary/lifestyle photographer serving the Blue Bell/Montgomery County PA area. I am a storyteller capturing authentic moments of both my family and my clients.  

In my family, I am considered our family historian. I capture our everyday just as it is, mess and all. With two young girls, I have learned to embrace the chaos and let life unfold before my camera. To me that represents our true life. Documenting our time together has become my priority because one day my girls will both be out of the house and I will miss this time. Being able to look back on these days will bring back a time that was exhausting and fun. I look forward to sharing these pictures with my girls someday so they can see how life was and how much they were loved.  

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To this day, this picture is still my favorite.  It is the day my family became complete. The day my second daughter was born.

On this day my room was filled with visitors coming to meet my new daughter, not to mention a full house when big sister came. Needless to say, their first meeting was overwhelming and hectic. So when my husband came later alone with just her, it was our first time alone as a family. A moment I realized how full my heart was. A day I would go back to in a heartbeat.

Every time I look at this picture, my eyes fill with tears. I am transported back to this moment that means everything to me. A moment that fills and warms my heart. A moment I am able to relive over and over again with this picture.  

When you become a parent you literally have a new reason to live.  Whether it be your first, last, or somewhere in between, it is such an amazing experience.  Becoming a new parent is an overwhelming transformation.  A new purpose in life. 

This feeling is the driving force for my business. A reminder of what I want to provide my clients. Because with time, a photograph becomes even more meaningful and more treasured.

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I belongs to an online community called Clickin Moms where I am an accepted member of their ClickPro organization. A ClickPro is an application only based organization that includes a diverse group of professional photographers that demonstrate creativity, vision, and technically excellence in photography.

I am also a regular contributor to my neighborhood publication, Blue Bell's Finest Magizine.