energizing lemon bars

lemon_web I have decided to keep my recipes and photography separate.  For more recipes please visit my food blog Relish the Yum.

I always find myself slightly hungry between breakfast and lunch.  I am normally at work by 7 which means I am finished my smoothie by 7:30 and do not eat lunch till 12:30 after I get my 30 minute walk in.  I didn't want a snack that was full of sugar and a short energy boost. I wanted something that was heathy and energizing, yet satisfying.

As you all know I just love Julie Morris's Superfood Smoothie book.  I love how that book has given me the foundation for helping me  experiment on my own healthy smoothies.  Since I loved this book so much I decided to borrow Julie's other book Superfood Kitchen from the library.  In that book I came across the recipe for these Lemon Bars.

The Superfood used in this recipe is chia seeds. These seeds are no longer just used for "Chia Pets" anymore. Chia seeds have been around for thousands of years and used to keep strength and energy for long journeys. For a tiny seed they are packed full of nutrients to give you long lasting energy. It also offers support to the immune system, helps lower inflammation, contains calcium, minerals, and iron, plus promotes a heart health. On top of that, chia seeds are packed with antioxidants and are a great source of fiber. Who knew this little seed could do so much back in the 80's?

Since Chia seeds really do not effect the taste of recipes, you can add them to just about anything. I always put one to two tablespoons in my smoothies every morning, They can also be used in a gel form. The gel acts like a binding agent similar to eggs and can easily replace them in recipes. I did that when making these bars. There are a few minor tweaks to the original recipe since the first time I think they came out a bit dry.  For me they have become the perfect healthy-satisfying mid-morning snack.  What is your favorite morning snack?

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