my favorite type of session | Philadelphia Family Photographer

Lifestyle portraits including video/film

My favorite type of session is lifestyle that includes video/film.  There is no greater honor in my business than when a client invites me to their home to capture their family right now. I love it for both families and newborn sessions.  These sessions include a little bit a posed with a nice mix of natural organic moments that occur with slight direction from me.  Now I even offer video too, family portraits have been taken to the next level. Not only do I provide portraits, but moving portraits with sound; cooing, laughing, little voices, and so much more. 

Portrait and video sessions truly bring me the most joy.  I love the whole process.  From picking out a song, creating the video, and adding the sound, it makes my job so much fun.  The best part is showing the video and portraits to the parents during our reveal session and watching them laugh and cry.  I get told a lot that they could not imagine how their video would turn out, but treasure it as much, if not more, than the portraits themselves.  Nothing makes me happier than to hear that.

Clients love these type of sessions because they are relaxing. If you currently have a toddler or remember when your own child was one, you know that toddlers attention span last all of 15 minutes, less if it is not something that interest them.  With a lifestyle session they are not asked to look at the camera, but to be themselves and have fun.  Most parents find that the picture of their kid being their kid, are their unexpected favorites. 


Providing joy and the unexpected are the best parts of my job. A lifestyle session allows me to offer that to my clients.  I want my pictures to not only bring happiness to the parents, but in the future to their children. It allows them to see how much they were loved growing up and that is an amazing gift.  It is the reason I got into photography for my own family and why I print and make albums for my girls.