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Photography Personal Projects

I am so excited to be mentioned in this article about photography personal projects on The Photographer Within blog.  I think it is so important as photographers to do personal projects.  It pushes you to try new things and get out of your comfort zone.  It also makes you a better photographer as well.  Personal projects are fun and can be a great creative outlet.  Most projects have themes. I highly recommend this class. Thanks to Pam's help, I now have a few projects going.


Currently, I have three projects going.  Two involve my daughter and the last one I call light.  The first one with my daughter is designed to show her how little she was, what she liked, and how much she is loved. The second one, Bond, was created for me to get in the pictures with her.  I have very little pictures of me and my mother and I waited so long for her to arrive, so this one I hold dear to my heart.  I am so excited to see how these turn out and look forward to making some beautiful books to share with her someday. My light project is designed to help me understand it better.  Light is the single most import part of photography and can make or break a photo.  I am hoping this project will help me use new light and add more to my portfolio.

You can check out two of my projects here on my website.  I will be adding more pictures as my project evolves.  Both involve my sweet baby girl who at the time is 8.5 months.  One of my projects is called Details and the other is called Bond.

Please check out the link below and some others fabulous photographers projects as well.

Highlights from the workshop "The Power of Personal Projects" with Pam Korman. Student projects.

Source: Personal Projects: Let’s Get Inspired - The Photographer Within

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