Superfood Fruit Punch Smoothie

fruit_punch_smoothie_2 I have decided to keep my recipes and photography separate.  For more recipes please visit my food blog Relish the Yum.

My husband and I are trying to eat more healthy. Then again who isn't these days? Back in November we bought ourselves a Vitamixer and ever since I have been on the hunt for some good smoothie recipes. I wanted something that had plenty of superfoods, but also had taste. I was recommended Navitas Naturals on a forum and decided to check them out. They make superfoods easy! Most come in a powder form in a zip-tight bag for easy storage and use. Plus their website has a ton of recipes for different uses of their products. It did take me some time before to make my first purchase. But I am so glad I did.

While browsing Navitas website I stumbled upon Superfood Smoothies. This book is chock full of information and is well worth the money.  There are 100 different nutritious recipes.  Julie Morris goes into depth about the benefits of each superfood, how they taste, how to buy them, and substitutes for each. She also encourages you to play around with the recipes to suite your own needs and tastes.

Today I made the Fruit Punch smoothie from the book and it was delicious. You might look at some of the ingredients and think "That sounds gross." Trust me, it  is delicious.


As a side note - since I started making smoothies, I make an effort to always keep frozen fruit in the freezer. You can buy the big bags at any warehouse store which makes them a lot cheaper. I also always try and have two to three frozen bananas in my freezer as well. Once they are really rip, I will cut them up, freeze them on a cookie sheet, and then transport them into individual storage bags made for the freezer.