weight watchers turkey taco cup



i got this recipe for weight watchers turkey taco cup from their September/October 2015 issue.  i was a lifetime member before my daughter and still need to lose the last 15 pounds after her.  she is a year now and i am done breastfeeding so i need to start working on it.  so i decided to join online.

i always loved their magazine.  it was one i enjoyed and read it from cover to cover.  in this issue, there were three recipes i tried and each were winners.  even my husband like them and he is not on WW with me.  i highly recommend checking the issue out.

the turkey taco cup was part of the little giant article.  they called them mini main courses.  while i will agree they are mini, they do help you keep your portions in check.   each were 7 points or less for a main course, which is nice.  i will be honest with you, they did not leave me full.  to solve that problem, i know have a salad with it.  that has helped!   this one was a nice portion and the beans and turkey helped to keep me full.  check out the recipe below.


turkey_taco_cup-1 turkey_taco_cup-2 turkey_taco_cup-4 turkey_taco_cup-3

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