what to wear


One question photographers get asked the most is "what should we wear?" Family portraits are a great way to capture your memories. Whether it is once a year or every two to three years, you want your family to look their best in the pictures. You do not need to come in your Sunday best, but it does not mean you need to show up in you Saturday sweats. You want to be comfortable, but still looking nice. I am going to offer a few suggestions. Earth tones work nicely. Brown, tans, greens, grays, and whites. You all do not need to match, but your colors should complement each other and be in the same color family. Bright colors work best on young kids. If you choose to wear something trendy, I would include something classic to go with it. Looking back at your pictures you don't want them to look outdated because of the clothing trend at the time the pictures were taken. Such as shoulder pads from the 80's! (What were we thinking back then?)

What to avoid? Bold patterns and colors. They can be distracting in the pictures and difficult to match others in the pictures. Mom's should avoid short skirts, short shorts, and tanks. Dad's should avoid cut jeans, tanks, and jean shorts.

Below are a few images on what to wear. You can also check out my pinterest board for ideas as well. I update this regularly.

what to wear blue bell photography

what to wear blue bell photography