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newborn & family lifestyle photographer in blue bell

my style

My approach is documentary lifestyle. What does this mean?  I am a storytelling photographer focus on family interactions more than posed pictures of everyone smiling.  I love my families to be relaxed and having fun together.  My preferred location is your home. Why you ask, because those pictures hold meaning and represent a time in my client's life she can look back on and remember what life was like.  The craziness of the household with toddlers or the fun activities done together as a family.  Everyone looking is nice, but real life moments are what matter. So if you have me over and your house is a mess, the better the pictures will be. I like to let real life unfold.

why this type of photography

  1. I put together a series of images that tells your family's story.
  2. The whole family is in the pictures. (One will be everyone looking.)
  3. I do it where you as a family are most comfortable, in your home.
  4. Your day to day life is captured by an artistic professional.

plan on a fun lifestyle session with me

Lifestyle photography is my favorite photography.  Maybe because it captures real unposed moments. Maybe it is because it captures true family connections. Maybe it is because it is the type of photography I take as a mom for my children.

so, what is lifestyle photography anyway?

Think back to your childhood pictures.  Maybe it is you holding your favorite toy or seeing how young mom and dad were.  Now they are  grandparents.  It's real moments.  The ones you want to remember and document.  The time in your life you want to look back on.

bleu bell pa newborn photographer

Lifestyle newborn sessions are a relaxed way to capture your new baby at home.  We will capture your baby in the nursery, swaddled on the bed, with pets, siblings, etc. Sessions are held normally when baby is between 2-4 weeks old. It is a perfect way to capture your growing family as you are now.  Siblings also do well with these type of sessions. This allows for organic and authentic moments.  There is very little to no posing with lifestyle newborn sessions.  It is very relaxed with light direction allowing for natural connections and real interaction.  Includes immediate family members, grandparents extra. 

Maternity sessions are offered as an add on to lifestyle newborn sessions.  Please contact Elise for more information.

montgomery county pa family photographer

Lifestyle family sessions typically take place in the home or your yard.  Here we tell the your family story in the comfort of your home.  Elise will capture your family, just as you are, doing what you normally do, activities, etc.

blue bell pa cake smash photography

Lifestyle baby/child sessions typically take place in the home.  Here we tell the your baby/child(ren)'s story in the comfort of your home.  These are perfect for baby milestones or birthdays.  Elise will capture your child, just as they are, doing what they love to do.  That might be having a tea party, playing on the bed, reading a book, in the crib, playing in their room, etc.  These sessions focus on the child only.


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