Weekly Food Tracker Printable - Digital - Free

Weekly Food Tracker Printable - Digital - Free


How much are you eating in a day? The experts say if you write everything down you eat less. So I created this tracker for myself to record my eatings. it sure was an eye opener for me. I especially tracked the nibbles I would take of my kids food. You know a bite here and a bite there. Oh boy! I learned I snack way to much and my girls plates are off limits!

This is a simple weekly food intake tracker. It will only help you if you write down each and every bite. Print one each week to track your eating and see how much you are eating in a day.

Note about color:
All printers and monitors reproduce colors differently. Because of this, I cannot guarantee that what you see on your monitor will match your final pieces, exactly.

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This files are for unlimited printing for your own personal use only. Sharing is strictly prohibited.

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